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Boss Hunters


 "The hunt is on! Great bounties have been placed on the heads   of various monsters. Fortune and glory will smile on the adventurers   who take care of them.


 You may not have money. But what you do have are a   very particular set of skills, skills you have acquired over a very long   career. Skills that make you a nightmare for any boss out there. You   will look for them, you will find them, and you will kill them."

UPDATE: The event has been reactivated today, 4 of December and will run until Monday, 10 of December.


WEBZEN and Gala are proud to announce the launch of a brand new event: Boss Hunters. This event will take place from today until December 11th.


During this event, various monsters will spawn all over the main continent as well as the Veiled Island. Killing these monsters means a 100% chance of random cash-shop items being dropped, from Stamina Savers, Feathers and World Buffs to E-Protect and even E-Repair!


But finding them won't be so easy - these monsters know how to hide! To help you, here's what they look like:



 Rare Blue Pixie (Difficulty 1)
 Octopus of the Eclipse (Difficulty 1)

 Fugitive Orc Warlord (Difficulty 1)
 Legendary Pixie (Difficulty 1)
 Child of the Blood Moon (Difficulty 2)
 Mythical Bone Giant (Difficulty 2)
 Wolf of the Full Moon (Difficulty 2)
 Bigfoot (Difficulty 2)
 Legendary Harpy (Difficulty 3)
 Guardian of Secrets (Difficulty 3)
 Legendary Salamander (Difficulty 3)
 Silver Blood Unicorn (Difficulty 3)
 Lost Seraphim (Difficulty 4)
 Wanted Gnoll Chief (Difficulty 4)
 Unique Kentauros (Difficulty 4)
 Mythical Naga (Difficulty 4)
 Rare Hellhound (Difficulty 5)
 Djinn of the Last Wish (Difficulty 5)

 Ifrit of the Dead Vizier (Difficulty 5)
 Animated Relic (Difficulty 5)
 Specter of the Lost Champion (Difficulty 6)
 Legendary White Dragon (Difficulty 6)
 Flesh Giant of the Forgotten Kings (Difficulty 6)
 Undine's Apostle (Difficulty 6)


The higher the difficulty of a boss, the harder it is to kill, but also the higher are the chances of rare items being dropped. All the bosses are designed to be killable by an average player, so don't be surprised if you spend more time searching for them than killing them. 


While looking for them, we advise that you adjust your movement speed so you can see the monsters spawning. 


We wish you a good hunt.


Your Rappelz team

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